Bryce Tree

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A trail curves around a tree and along the hoodoos of Bryce Canyon in Utah.  I love early morning hikes, especially in national parks.  It often offers the best opportunities to enjoy the parks before all the people begin to come.  Mornings offer the chance to enjoy the quiet of nature, but also on special mornings the sunrise creates spectacular light shows.  This was taken as I was heading further down into the canyon just after the sun appeared over the horizon.  At the top of the canyon it was cold and windy, but as I made my way down the wind died down and the light created some great photographic opportunities around the rock formations.  If you take a trip to Bryce Canyon I highly recommend getting up early and heading down into the canyon.  Get in a short hike and some pictures, then go enjoy a nice warm…

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How to Lose Weight on a Budget: Inspiration

Here is the fourth part of my new self help video blog.  Over the past couple of years I have put these practices to the test as I worked to lose over 200 lbs without the help of dieting or personal trainers.  I had to change my lifestyle to follow my passion and that meant crash dieting would not work.  It has been and is a slow process, but the results have been amazing.  It can be frustrating and difficult, but the road to success is never easy.

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Push It

Push It

“You are never too old to set another goal or dream another dream.” C.S. Lewis

As summer draws to a close I have found myself a little more tired and sore as I try to get everything out of the way before the school year starts. I always try to challenge myself to peak at certain times. I set goals throughout the year and try to reach or surpass them consistently. As someone who trains and works out alone it is my way of pushing myself. As a competitive person I had to find ways to work out alone and keep the pressure on myself.

As I said I set goals for myself throughout the year. Often it coincides with a trip I am planning or some kind of event that is coming up. I don’t diet, but have created a lifestyle when it comes to eating habits. I have also gotten into such a habit that I don’t feel good if I don’t train almost every day. I change my workouts regularly to keep from getting bored and also to adjust to where I am living at the time. I am on the road a lot and live between two places and travel so I change based on where I am at.

In the summer I spend most of my time in Kansas. The weather, landscape, and trail that runs by town makes it perfect for me to go on walks, hikes, and bike rides. Hikes in Kansas are not that exciting along mostly flat land, but bike riding is perfect. Each summer I try to extend the distance that I put in on the bike. Last year I was doing good to travel between 5 and 8 miles once a week. My goal this summer was to make it to the creek 5 miles down the trail and then make it back. I made it there a couple times a week early in the summer. Having reached that goal I set another. With one day left before heading back to school I set out to make it an extra mile down the trail to the next trailhead. I did, so now I have a new goal to reach next summer.

As I head back to Tennessee I have new goals to set and reach. The hills of Tennessee are great for hiking and perfect to relax, but still perfect for a workout. The school’s fitness center still allows me to bike, but hiking offers a different form of relaxation and a new sight every day. I am not sure what my next goal is, but I am preparing for my next trip which will help me set my new goals. Always keep pushing. Once you reach a goal move forward and strive for something better.